Confessions of a future doctor

1. The first thing I do every morning is drink at least two gigantic mugs of tea. On a good day, I’ll follow that up with only a green tea in to bust the 3 pm blues. On a tired day, I’ll follow that up with espresso + green tea…at the very least



2. When I wear my glasses, my patients are more receptive to my recommendations. Because apparently glasses do make you look smarter sometimes.



3. Part of the reason that I picked the wedding dress that I did is so that I wouldn’t have to worry about wearing spanx. Ain’t nobody got time for that.



4. I love watching the Kardashians. Like an unhealthy amount of love. But when Kim K said that she wasn’t going to get allergy shots because she was “detoxing her system” of “bad thing” I almost exploded. Allergy shots are just solutions of what you are allergic that, when injected, help your body build immunity.



5. At the gym, I obsessively wipe down the treadmill (or whatever machine I’ve been on) with their disinfectant wipes when I’m done working out. And sometimes before…







2 thoughts on “Confessions of a future doctor

  1. I was the same exact way with my wedding dress! I could eat whatever I wanted, dance around, and not have to worry about looking like a sausage in a dress!

    • The dress I picked out is actually really similar to yours! I loved yours. And my first thought when I picked it out was “yes I can eat cake!” Great minds pick similar dresses.

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