Every Wednesday I seem to either wake up with a head splitting headache or either acquire one later in the day. I know it’s likely not caffeine related because I’ve had no big changes in my consumption. It may be hydration related because despite that I’ve even been making an effort to drink more water, I just suck at drinking water. But I’m also ridiculously tired of constantly popping ibuprofen on what seems like only Wednesdays.

Maybe I’m just allergic to Wednesdays.

Any thoughts? 

I was really impressed with myself yesterday, though. I got done with my morning patients about a half hour early, which gave me about 2 hours instead of only 1 hour free before I needed to head back to school.

Which means I was able to go grocery shopping AND run. At noon. When I could’ve easily just *napped*.

Granted, it was only a quick 2.2 mile run at my apartment complex, but that’s greater than the 0 I’ve been averaging every Tuesday. Tuesday is usually my longest day so the only spare time I have involves me shoving food in my gullet and trying to not fall asleep once my belly is full.

Tonight I have an easy 4 mile treadmill run planned. Along with dinner with the girls from my cohort. It was supposed to be a Pinterest party but I believe it has turned into a “I’m just going to buy a veggie tray and some cupcakes from the store and then we are going to spend an hour complaining over how frustrating this semester is” party. Which is of course fine by me since the only time we really get to see each other is during class since we’ve all gotten so scattered about for clinical rotations.

What are your workout plans for today?

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