Confessions of a future doctor, part deux

1. I sometimes read funny tumblr sites to make me feel better about my agony in school. Some of my faves:

I prefer you call me doctor

How do I put this gently

2. When patients cancel because of the rainy weather and I look outside and it’s perfectly sunny out, I want to tear my hair out. Is the inability to drive in any sort of precipitation just a southern thing? I feel like it is…


3. I had dinner with a friend I haven’t seen since December last night and it was amazing. We drank way too much tea (no wine was involved, hurray good choices!) and ate way to much garlic bread and talked about relationships/weddings/school and had normal adult conversations that I haven’t had since the semester started. I don’t have many out-of-the-department friends…

4. I’ve re-done my running schedule for the week because I fully realize that I am a) not going to exercise on Friday after having gotten up at 4 am to travel to a conference, b) not going to exercise on Sunday because said conference is having a party and I won’t want to mess up my hair that day, and c) I’ll probably only feel like running 2 miles on Saturday because, again, said conference is having a party and I’m getting my hair did…plus it’s in a cold place and southerners don’t like cold places OR precipitation.

{M: I ran 4!, TU: 4.5 miles, W: 4 miles, TH: 4.5 miles, F: Rest y’all, Sa: 2 to 3 miles, Su: More rest}

{Total: 19-20 miles, better than last week and closer to the 21 I want to be running every week} 

5. I’m currently trying to decide on my specialty. Definitely something pediatric. I currently have a pediatric rotation and a baby threw up on me and a parent yelled at me and I still love it. But there are so many choices.


Happy Tuesday, y’all! I’m presenting to a group of undergrads today about whatever topics they want to ask me about…so wish me luck.

What does your Tuesday look like? 


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