Love for Boston

Lately, I’ve been struggling with blog topics. So I haven’t been posting. And of course, I’ve been fretting over wedding dress fittings and RSVP cards and my upcoming internship.

But as of yesterday, all of that just seemed so…pointless.

It’s hard to believe that the day of so many runner’s dreams was destroyed with the most senseless act of violence. It’s hard to even find the words to describe exactly how I’m feeling. Mostly bewildered and angry. And attacked because, as a runner, that hit a little too close to home.

But then I got to thinking…if this had to happen to a community (which of course it didn’t and I hope whoever is responsible for this madness is held accountable for his actions), the running community is a “good one”. We are strong, we will pull together, and yesterday will not be the last Boston marathon. We are a resilient bunch. We will help each other through the hard times and celebrate the good times.

I saw this article and it summed things up pretty well…go read it and then go for a run for Boston.


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