11 things

Last night, I discovered a super awesome new blog, a.k.a Olive to Run (http://olivetorun.com/)…I’m failing at technology this morning so don’t judge my lack of an awesome link. She posed some interesting questions and I got in the whole “get to know me” mode. So here are my answers to her questions:

1. What does your ideal cup of FROYO look like?

Cheesecake, cake batter, and peanut butter fro yo + lots of graham crackers, granola, fruit, and whipped cream. So much yum.

2. What do you miss the most about the time period you grew up in?
Definitely getting to wear leggings and oversize sweatshirts everywhere. Those were the days.
3. What is your most embarrassing habit?
Hmm…that’s a hard one. Probably that I play with my hair when I get nervous. Not professional when talking with a patient! 
4. What is the worst food you have ever tried?
Some people LOVE them, but I just cannot do Odwalla Super Food smoothies. Blech. 
5. If you could be a super hero (that YOU make up) what would your name be and what would your super power be?
My super power would definitely be never getting tired. I’d hope to be called The Energizer 
6. What meal could you eat every day?
Anything breakfast. But I could probably eat pizza every single night and be satisfied
7. Who was your favorite teacher? What grade was it and why do they stand out to you?
10th grade. My history teacher was so unbelievably smart and independent and always had the best assortment of tea.
8. If you were able to do anything (fitness related) what would it be?
Run a marathon. Excuses, excuses but I just do not have energy for 18 mile runs. School has been taking it out of me lately.
9. If you could write a letter to your daughter what three things would you want her to know?
Be confident, love yourself no matter what anyone says, and find one girl-friend who will be your confidant forever
10. Who is your favorite blogger and why?
Hungry Runner Girl because she has the most adorable baby and a wonderful husband and totes awesome running skills! 
11. What is your favorite app?
I downloaded Fitocracy and it’s kind of like a video game for workouts. Every time you log a workout you get points and eventually you level up. Addicting. 
What would your answers be?! 

Perfect Saturday

This morning I woke up feeling extremely frustrated about how stagnant I’ve been feeling this semester. I felt the same way at about this same point in the semester during the fall and eventually worked myself up into such a tizzy I couldn’t concentrate on anything.

So I’m being proactive this time.

By making a promise to be nerdy and listen to online lectures while I’m running at the gym to expand my brain cells a little more

By enjoying a sunny outdoors run even though I feel obligated to the gym that I pay for monthly

By saying “no” to a social obligation because I really just want to get cozy on the couch and watch Sex and the City

By eating trail mix because I am legit hungry and not obsessing over calories

By staring at pictures of myself in my wedding dress and getting mega excited. Only 5 more months, y’all!

By eating breakfast and lunch at the kitchen table instead of hunched over on the couch with study guides

By hanging up pictures in our (holy cow, that still feels weird) apartment and making it feel all cozy and wonderful

By planning a super, awesome-sauce “just for me” day for this coming Friday

How do you get yourself out of a funk? 

Friday love list: Staying awake edition

IT’S FINALLY FRIDAY!!!!!!!! (in case you can’t tell, I am ridiculously excited about this fact). *And* I even feel semi-awake (compared to during my post-run shower last night during which I washed my hair with body wash…)

I know today is going to be amazing because:

1. I woke up 15 minutes before my alarm. Feeling refreshed. What is this sorcery?

2. Neutrogena Visibly Bright face wash has made my crack of dawn skin look glowing and, well, awake instead of like a puffy eyed zombie.


3. I have copious amounts of my morning go-to drink: black tea with milk. Lately my caffeine of choice has been tea…and I’m finally starting to like green tea. I used to think it tasted like grass but now, with a little stevia, I’m starting to realize it’s delicious.

4. The sun started peaking out at 6:30 am. Seriously, that is amazing. Instead of heading to school in the pitch black, it’s finally sunny enough that my brain realizes it’s actually day time and it’s actually time to be functioning.

5. I *may* have lost 2 pounds! Not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things but at least a little of my effort is showing. I’ve gained about 10 pounds in the past year which has *not* made me overweight…but I can’t fit into a lot of my clothes which is disconcerting mainly because I’m poor and can’t afford to buy new ones…

6. I can wear normal people clothes to school today because I have no patients! I love scrubs as much as the next person and business casual makes me feel like I know what’s up. But there’s nothing better than a sweatshirt you’ve had for years.

{Oh, and yesterday I ran 4.3 very, very slow and plodding miles on the treadmill. But yay for a longer run!}

So, without much ado….

good morning


What are your Friday plans? 

The boy and I are going to lame it up with a home-cooked dinner, mall-walking, and grocery shopping. We are literally the life of the party.

Thoughts for a Thursday

It’s quite possible that deciding to wear spandex to school on Friday was a bad idea.

I didn’t change out of spandex all of last weekend. Except to put on my pajamas. Getting all dressy again tomorrow for clinicals has been rough times a million.

I’m going to blame my slightly bumpy week on that. Because the alternative is just me not being ready for the week and I’m, uh, not ready to admit that.

But basically, this week has been really mean to me. It’s been full of name calling and hair pulling and I am just *over it* y’all. I didn’t run last night like I had originally planned for/put in my schedule (yes, I make myself a daily schedule…) because all I could bear to do was take a shower, eat dinner in my pajamas, and be a complete potato. I’m grasping for straws as far as good things to think about:

Tomorrow is Friday! 

And today, I have no crazy early patients, which means lounging on the couch in my pajamas for a few minutes longer.

This means I can also bring tea to school and study! Instead of having to run around prepping for said patient at the crack of dawn.

And I can be lazy-ish tonight because I have no big t0-dos on my list.

And I can run as long or as short as I’d like tonight and eat whatever I want for dinner since the Boy will be at school later than usual. 


Just what the doctor ordered

There is snow on the ground and on the cars. Again. I do not understand this winter at all. I keep hoping that one of our little snows will be enough to delay the opening of the university but I guess twice in a semester is pretty dang lucky.

But I do think that getting the chance to say “screw you” to responsibility last night was quite possibly the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. I always forget that being a student is a full-time job and that any other part-time work is just icing on the cake. It’s pretty hilarious (as in, not hilarious at all) that I spend most of my days learning how to/practicing how to help people and most days I can barely help myself.

Basically, I’e diagnosed myself with “spring break needs to be here now so I can get more than 6 hours of sleep and get some quality relaxing in”.


Last night was pretty much the bomb dot com, though. I got home from clinicals, changed right into my PJs, and sat on the couch for a good 2 hours just studying/watching HGTV/dowloading a new Grey’s Anatomy episode for my weekend long run at the gym. Then I went to said gym and ran an easy 3 miles and chased those endorphins with a GINORMOUS salad bar salad/kettle chips.

If every night could be like that, I’d probably be a happy girl.

What’s your ideal night of relaxation after school/work? 

Tuesday Morning Confessional

It’s a rainy, damp, and very unmotivated Tuesday morning here at the futuredocgirl household. The boy and I spent every waking hour from Friday – Sunday moving our lives into a brand spanking new apartment, which is absolutely lovely and cozy and perfect. 

But I’m exhausted. It’s like we didn’t have a weekend at all. 

Which has been a big no no for me in grad school. When I don’t get “breaks”, I get cranky. 


Which brings me to today’s morning confessional…

1. So I called out of work today. I’m not actually sick, so I feel like I’m tempting the fates. But with a school to-do list a mile long and very literal exhaustion, I felt like a mental health day was more than in order. 

2. It was also because my running has been slacking and I really, really want to run. 

3. I have the exact same morning routine every single weekday. I roll out of bed 5-10 minutes after my alarm, put on cozy socks and my robe, turn on every single light in the living room/kitchen, make a GIGANTIC mug of hot tea and some sort of Greek yogurt concoction (my new favorite: Sunflower seed butter  from Trader Joe’s. Holy yum sauce, batman), and then either make my lunch/dinner for the day or lounge aimlessly on the couch until it’s time to get ready. 

4. I love the rain, until it’s time to go out in it. Then I hate the rain. 

5. Not so much a confession but: I ran 3.15 miles yesterday. Even though I was exhausted and didn’t get home until 7:30 pm. Win. Signing up for a gym was quite possibly the best decision I’ve made in the past month. 

Do you have a morning routine?

What’s your confession?! 

March! Goals

It’s hard to believe that it’s already March. Didn’t the semester just start? Isn’t winter not even half way over? (Well maybe, because it’s snow raining again this morning…so who knows…). 

I’ve got my espresso and spandex ready for the day. Espresso because I’m at school and hour earlier than usual at that. On a Friday. Lame. And because I’m moving! I’m not usually the spandex wearer to school (mostly because I can wear scrubs, so comfy clothes aren’t that hard to come by) but also because it feels weird walking past my supervisors in skin tight stretchy pants. 

But really, it is glorious. I might have to start shopping at Spandex World



Anywaysssssss. Because it’s March and because I love lists, I have goals. That I will hopefully be able to cross of my list at the end of the month with a huge red pen and feel so, so satisfied. 

1. Drink at least 1 giant water bottle each day. I’m great about chugging coffee and tea like it’s my job. But water? Not so much. 

2. Run 6 miles. Seeing as I ran 4 yesterday, 6 seems feasible by the end of the month. 

3. Try 2 new Pinterest recipes. And talk about them. Even if they end up being on http://www.pinterestfail.com/ 

4. Try a bootcamp class. Because my puny arms need more than running to look buff. 

5. And finally…find a better way to relax at night. Looking at Pinterest and Facebook on my iPhone does not lead to the best night’s sleep ever…

Do you have any March goals? 

Do you wear spandex to school/work? 

Do you have any tips to make moving quicker and easier? 

You’d THINK that after never spending more than 1 year in the same apartment, I’d have the routine down. But I haven’t even packed yet…

Spandex for the win

Ya’ll, I ran 4 miles today. This may not seem monumental, but it’s probably been about 4 months since I’ve logged more than 3 miles. Basically, I’ve been a sad excuse for a distance junkie. My legs are tired, but I feel so good. How could I have forgotten about the wonders of endorphin?! 

My workout went as such:

0.1 mile warm up at 3.8 mph and 3% incline

Then my favorite new song, Thrift Shop, came on so I bumped it up to 6.0 mph at a 3% incline for 0.4 miles. 

The rest of the workout is a little bit of a blur…I may have gotten a little too excited about how good I felt and bumped the speed up too much. Tomorrow is definitely going to be a non-running day…mostly because I will most likely be spending 8 hours moving, which will be a workout in and of itself. 

Sore arms, here I come. But moving means spandex and sneakers, so I’m really okay with that. 


So consistency? Apparently *not* my thing when it comes to blogging. 

Some mornings I’ll wake up, make my tea, and have time to actually sit on the couch before I need to run off to school. And those morning, like this morning, make me want to blog. Especially when it’s grey and “snowing” (I use quotations because in the South it rarely truly snows). I’m usually too busy writing a million emails or browsing Pinterest, but gloomy weather makes me more introspective or something. 

But whatevs. I decided to start blogging again, so here I am. 

My most recent accomplishment has been joining a gym. And going to said gym at least 3 days a week. I used to be little miss runner pants until I started grad school. Then I became little miss “oh no, I can’t fit into my favorite pants” from too many late night study munchies and too much desk sitting. 

So, what with my wedding only about 5 months away, I decided I should probably get healthy and stop showing sloths up with my lazy skills. 

So I’m training for a May half marathon. 



Yesterday was day 1. I managed to walk about 3/4 of a mile at a 3% incline and run 3 miles alternating between 6.0 – 7.0 mph and 0-2% incline. All without my lungs popping or my legs falling off. 

Motivation is at an all-time high for me right now. I reduced my work schedule, I’m about to move into a brand-spanking new apartment, wedding planning is basically done-zo. So convincing myself to not nap when I get home in the evening has been fairly easy. It will be interesting to see how long this trend continues…hopefully forever, especially since the weather is finally improving (although you couldn’t tell from the angry white ice snow falling from the sky right now) and the days are getting longer. 

Also: training plans are my favorite so I am planning on creating one and posting it so that way if I start being a slacker I can maybe shame myself back into motivation. 

I believe… {winter edition}

You (as in my negative 5 readers) may notice the title change. I decided it was time. While I still have an unhealthy obsession with running shoes, my life *right now* is more about wedding planning and graduate school.

By themselves, either of those things would be all-consuming. Together…well, I’m sure you can imagine. Thankfully I haven’t had too many hair-pulling moments yet. Which most likely can be credited to tremendous amounts of tea, regular trips out of town, and my wonderful fiance who never hesitates to tell me when my crazy is boiling over.


I believe that hot tea, rainy afternoons, and blankets make the best therapy

I believe that routine is the cake of life and spontaneity is the frosting…sometimes too much frosting just doesn’t taste good

I believe that sometimes wine really *is* the answer

I believe in wearing my Sunday best to church every time…if only so I can dress up

I believe in festive gold or red nail polish all winter

I believe in soup and crackers for lunch, even when I’m not sick

I believe that dessert is always necessary

I believe in snail mailing cards and letters


{What do you believe in?}