Perfect Saturday

This morning I woke up feeling extremely frustrated about how stagnant I’ve been feeling this semester. I felt the same way at about this same point in the semester during the fall and eventually worked myself up into such a tizzy I couldn’t concentrate on anything.

So I’m being proactive this time.

By making a promise to be nerdy and listen to online lectures while I’m running at the gym to expand my brain cells a little more

By enjoying a sunny outdoors run even though I feel obligated to the gym that I pay for monthly

By saying “no” to a social obligation because I really just want to get cozy on the couch and watch Sex and the City

By eating trail mix because I am legit hungry and not obsessing over calories

By staring at pictures of myself in my wedding dress and getting mega excited. Only 5 more months, y’all!

By eating breakfast and lunch at the kitchen table instead of hunched over on the couch with study guides

By hanging up pictures in our (holy cow, that still feels weird) apartment and making it feel all cozy and wonderful

By planning a super, awesome-sauce “just for me” day for this coming Friday

How do you get yourself out of a funk? 


Thoughts for a Thursday

It’s quite possible that deciding to wear spandex to school on Friday was a bad idea.

I didn’t change out of spandex all of last weekend. Except to put on my pajamas. Getting all dressy again tomorrow for clinicals has been rough times a million.

I’m going to blame my slightly bumpy week on that. Because the alternative is just me not being ready for the week and I’m, uh, not ready to admit that.

But basically, this week has been really mean to me. It’s been full of name calling and hair pulling and I am just *over it* y’all. I didn’t run last night like I had originally planned for/put in my schedule (yes, I make myself a daily schedule…) because all I could bear to do was take a shower, eat dinner in my pajamas, and be a complete potato. I’m grasping for straws as far as good things to think about:

Tomorrow is Friday! 

And today, I have no crazy early patients, which means lounging on the couch in my pajamas for a few minutes longer.

This means I can also bring tea to school and study! Instead of having to run around prepping for said patient at the crack of dawn.

And I can be lazy-ish tonight because I have no big t0-dos on my list.

And I can run as long or as short as I’d like tonight and eat whatever I want for dinner since the Boy will be at school later than usual. 


I believe… {winter edition}

You (as in my negative 5 readers) may notice the title change. I decided it was time. While I still have an unhealthy obsession with running shoes, my life *right now* is more about wedding planning and graduate school.

By themselves, either of those things would be all-consuming. Together…well, I’m sure you can imagine. Thankfully I haven’t had too many hair-pulling moments yet. Which most likely can be credited to tremendous amounts of tea, regular trips out of town, and my wonderful fiance who never hesitates to tell me when my crazy is boiling over.


I believe that hot tea, rainy afternoons, and blankets make the best therapy

I believe that routine is the cake of life and spontaneity is the frosting…sometimes too much frosting just doesn’t taste good

I believe that sometimes wine really *is* the answer

I believe in wearing my Sunday best to church every time…if only so I can dress up

I believe in festive gold or red nail polish all winter

I believe in soup and crackers for lunch, even when I’m not sick

I believe that dessert is always necessary

I believe in snail mailing cards and letters


{What do you believe in?}

Marvelous Monday: Monday morning plan

Today is day 1 of week 1 of attempting to lead a much more balanced life. {And yes, this will probably be the week with posts entitled with terribly cheesy alliteration}

*deep breath in*

Mondays are typically pretty jam packed for me. As in, breakfast + lunch + dinner are packed and brought to school. Today is no different, aside from the fact that I got a chance to sit down and eat a bowl of cereal while reading the news before getting myself geared up for the day.

In an attempt to be more balanced, I am dedicating today to school. I know I’ll be trapped at work for 9+ hours, so the plan is to buckle down and get as much done as possible so I can dedicate Tuesday evening to Pinterest, cleaning, and general housekeeping.

As lame as that may sound, at this very moment it sounds amazeballs.

So, the plan: No running today, unfortunately. I will be spending my day catching up on clinical paperwork, attending class, and spending 9+ hours at work. But this plan also includes immense amounts of tea drinking {and one medium sized coffee if my mood turns that way}, immense amounts of catching up on work, and immense amounts of deep breathing.

I think I can manage that.

{What are your plans for Monday? I am itching to run for the first time in weeks, so tell me what run you have planned and let me live vicariously through you!}

A commitment

In August, I made a commitment to myself to get healthier. 

In September, I made a commitment to myself to run more.

In October, I am making a commitment to myself to be more balanced. 

This past week, I didn’t exercise once. I went to my first Hot Yoga sesh in months, but followed that up with far too many tortilla chips and a cinnamon roll. I spent an entire week studying an doing basically nothing else.

And while that’s all good and well and I survived the week while eating like a teenage boy and devoting my life to studying and not exercising, I don’t think that’s a solid long term plan.

To put it simply, I feel run down. 

So I’m starting my week out on the right foot. With a 6 am hot yoga class.

Yes, 6 am.

But that means we’ll be done at 7, I’ll be home by 7:30, and I’ll have 2 hours to luxuriate, clean, and eat a legitimate breakfast before heading to school.

Of course part of me says, why bother? It’s mid-term and my motivation is so low that I can hardly be bothered to put much effort into anything. But the lure of fall break, relaxed coffee drinking, and amazing sweaty work outs keeps me going.

How do you keep yourself balanced? 


Today is shaping up to be a pretty decent Saturday. A bit more decent than I expected at bedtime last night. I have a bona fide smile on my face.

Why, you ask?

Well…let me tell you the ways in which my life is happy today.

1. I finally found a temporary 1 bedroom apartment. This means no more crazy roommates, no more fighting over parking spaces, no more paying for cable but not getting to use the TV, no more thermostat wars, no more having to worry about anything but me, myself, and I. And it comes with a talkative kitty that I can babysit for the summer. Tell me how it can get better than that. That’s right…it can’t…

2. I ran a little under 4 miles in sticky pre-summer weather and didn’t have to stop and walk a million times. And I only felt like my lungs would jump out of my chest once. Much, much different from my last pre-summer run, where I was lucky to run for ten minutes straight before having to stop and walk and gasp for breathe. Take that humidity. You may make my hair look like a ‘fro but you shall not defeat me.

3. Two words: asiago bagel. Oh, and new acai berry iced tea. Panera, how I love thee.

4. I’m road-trippin’ it tomorrow. Granted, it’s just so I can talk to some old professors at school #2, but it means eating at all of my favorite restaurants, running in a much more running friendly city, and being in a place where I feel completely at home…if only for a day and a half.

5. I’m caught up-ish on my school work. That needs to explanation of awesomeness in my book.

6. (a bonus!) After two straight days of yoga, my arms are ridiculously sore. But, dare I say it, I’m starting to build some upper arm strength. Gasp.

Hiding in a coffee shop

When I don’t feel like being at home, I tend to pack my life into my backpack and head on over to the nearest coffee shop, where I usually proceed to drink copious amounts of coffee in the corner table, preferably for hours at a time, like a lame-o. People watching, Facebook checking, and occasionally some hardcore homework-ing tend to occur. This continues until I feel like one more sip of coffee  would drive me crazy. Only then will I go home.

I have not reached that point today. Although I miraculously have only had one medium coffee to drink.

Basically, the boy is tied up in work today, I have tons of schoolwork to get done, and I refuse to spend more time at home than is necessary (awkward living situations, FTW) so I am camped out and currently thinking of various ways to NOT be at home until tonight. So far, I’ve decided to being a coffee shop hog until the boy gets a break, spend 2-3 hours annoying the boy during said break, browse the bookstore and/or TJMaxx, stop at Whole Foods for some “please help me feel like stabby” dinner ideas, and then retreat to my lovely bedroom for some TV catch-up.

Unfortunately, I think my laptop battery has other ideas.


Dealing with disappointment

I’ve been getting a lot of mediocre news as of late. Not bad, per se, but meh enough that I finally broke down and cried today.


Thankfully I’ve been getting a lot better at dealing with bad-ish news because I’ve (finally) realized that it’s not the end of the world. I’ve still got the boy, my health, my family, and my pajamas and there’s not much else that I really truly need in life (other than maybe my favorite pair of running shoes and chocolate…and I guess running clothes, since running naked is probably both painful for me and for those watching…)

How I deal with disappointment:

Run. Sometimes a long, slower run is all I need to get calm again. Sometimes a speed workout is needed to curb the edge. But either way, running always helps.

Eat delicious and healthy food. After I got my dose of meh news today, my mom and I hightailed it to my favorite sandwich shop, where I got tomato and mozzarella on flatbread and some super crunchy kettle chips (alright, not so healthy but definitely delicious)

Drink warm liquid. I sucked down a huge decaf coffee at lunch and am now working on some warm herbal tea. There’s just something about tea that is so comforting.

Put on pajamas. Being comfy is relaxing and relaxing means maybe less stress. Or at least comfort to better deal with the stress.

Talk about it. Venting isn’t always beneficial but it’s better than beating yourself up internally.

Cry. I’m a crier. Some days all I need is a good 5 minute sob and I’m good as gold for the rest of the day.

Watch lame/funny TV. On tap for this afternoon is Top Chef and That 70s Show. Perfect.

How do you deal with disappointment?

Life is good

I’m sitting on a giant, fluffy bed and watching The New Adventures of Old Christine on a flat screen TV

I just scarfed down a gigantic salad from Whole Foods and am drinking a local beer

I ran a 10k this afternoon and it was pure bliss

I haven’t studied or even thought about classes in 2 days

I bought cucumber & avocado sushi for my lunch on the drive tomorrow

The boy is taking me out for a date night tomorrow!

I feel happier than I have in weeks. Like exuberant, smiling like a crazy lady at strangers happy. I feel like myself again. This weekend away is just what I prescribed…for myself. It’s like some new cleaning agent, “funk be gone”.

Life is good. And I am in love with it.

Why do you love life?

Soulful Thursday

This post was inspired by Tulips and Tea.

She inspired to think about what nourishes my soul.

Lately I’ve been running around like crazy getting ready for my trip and studying until my brain ached and trying to get in runs. Needless to say, I’ve had very little time to stop and smell the roses.

What is nourishing to the soul?

Almond butter cups

Long, easy runs

Back rubs

Fresh fruit smoothies

Warm sunshine

Cozying up under the blankets

Drinking warm tea

What nourishes your soul?

{I’m leaving for my “road trip” today so I am not sure how much Internet access I will have and posts may be sporadic, but I will attempt to check in! Happy Thursday!}