Confessions of a future doctor, part deux

1. I sometimes read funny tumblr sites to make me feel better about my agony in school. Some of my faves:

I prefer you call me doctor

How do I put this gently

2. When patients cancel because of the rainy weather and I look outside and it’s perfectly sunny out, I want to tear my hair out. Is the inability to drive in any sort of precipitation just a southern thing? I feel like it is…


3. I had dinner with a friend I haven’t seen since December last night and it was amazing. We drank way too much tea (no wine was involved, hurray good choices!) and ate way to much garlic bread and talked about relationships/weddings/school and had normal adult conversations that I haven’t had since the semester started. I don’t have many out-of-the-department friends…

4. I’ve re-done my running schedule for the week because I fully realize that I am a) not going to exercise on Friday after having gotten up at 4 am to travel to a conference, b) not going to exercise on Sunday because said conference is having a party and I won’t want to mess up my hair that day, and c) I’ll probably only feel like running 2 miles on Saturday because, again, said conference is having a party and I’m getting my hair did…plus it’s in a cold place and southerners don’t like cold places OR precipitation.

{M: I ran 4!, TU: 4.5 miles, W: 4 miles, TH: 4.5 miles, F: Rest y’all, Sa: 2 to 3 miles, Su: More rest}

{Total: 19-20 miles, better than last week and closer to the 21 I want to be running every week} 

5. I’m currently trying to decide on my specialty. Definitely something pediatric. I currently have a pediatric rotation and a baby threw up on me and a parent yelled at me and I still love it. But there are so many choices.


Happy Tuesday, y’all! I’m presenting to a group of undergrads today about whatever topics they want to ask me about…so wish me luck.

What does your Tuesday look like? 


Tuesday Confessional: Lazy Election Day edition

Damp, rainy mornings are the best…but only when my 8 am class is cancelled and I don’t have to slog to campus until I get to drink multiple mugs of Irish breakfast tea, eat breakfast, and vaguely prepare for the day.

Today is quite possibly the best Tuesday ever. And that is saying a lot because Tuesday is notoriously my least favorite day of the week.

1. It’s Election Day! Go Vote! This is my 3rd presidential election that I recall paying any sort of real attention to and, while I am not a huge politics girl, I love the excitement of putting democracy into action. Lame, I know. But I am definitely having an “Election Results Party” this evening, complete with an awesome red, white, and blue outfit. I know a lot of my co-workers and classmates aren’t voting because one individual vote doesn’t make a world of a difference. But the fact that I can vote? Yeah, I’m going to take advantage of that right.

2. Yesterday was a fail. My goal was to eat healthier and *not* stress, but the first two things I did yesterday was stress and then proceed to eat tortilla chips + salsa and cookies for dinner at work. Today is off to a much better start, thank goodness. I’m at the point in the semester where any tiny change in my schedule or plans sends me into a veritable tail spin of emotion…not cool.

3. I am officially running a half marathon in April. Come hell or high water, I will be pounding the pavement for my 4th half marathon. So, uh, I now have an excuse to start running more and eating less like a teenage boy whose mother gave him $20 because she’s not going to be home for dinner. Yeaaaah.

{Why is your Tuesday going to be amazeballs?}

Tuesday confessional

– I slept through (okay, vaguely woke up and apparently turned it off) my alarm today and missed two hours of clinic. I am not this kind of girl.

-I started the application to return to school #2. I know I will be happier there. But I am having such a hard time letting go of what I feel I “should” be doing and I worry that I’m running away because things got scary, hard, and were not what I expected…cognitive dissonance FTW

-I’m taking my first yoga class since August on Thursday. My muscles are trembling in anticipation.

-I have a serious love for tortillas smeared with peanut butter. There’s just something so, “oh hey, I’m 12 again and out camping” about them.

-Almond milk = awesome. Espresso = awesome. But I’m having a hard time adjusting to almond milk + espresso. Any tips?

-I desperately want an awesome roommate. I have had 3, shall we say, duds. That have my my life hell. All I want is an awesome gal pal to drink wine with, complain about the day with, and go running with. Is that so much to ask for?!

-My new pink running shoes make me feel like a bad-ass whilst running

-I am conjuring up a set of goals to set into motion for April. These goals both terrify and excite me.

Honesty: A confessional

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten to do a Tuesday confessional. And it’s Sunday, so confessions seem…fitting….despite the fact that I am not Catholic and only set foot in a church on major holidays (I don’t think it’s possible for me to be as dedicated as Janae!!).

But I digress.

1. I didn’t want yesterday’s stage of the Tour de France. Which kind of feels like blasphemy. I’ve been watching every stage, sometimes multiple times, for years now and having missed one doesn’t feel ok!

2. I’m not fat. If anyone told me I was fat, I’d ask if they were drunk. But I’ve gotten kind of unhealthy. All of those nights of stress-eating mac and cheese at Whole Foods caught up with me. I’m ready to be healthy again. For real.

3. Although I ate popcorn for dinner last night and that will probably be the case again tonight. Oh hormonal munchies, how I love you.

4. I want to run a marathon but I’m terrified. Fortunately for me, I have an equally running-crazy girlfriend who convinced me to sign up for a full next April. So we can run together. I am both intimidated and so excited that I could put a kid in a candy store to shame.

5. The book Born to Run changed my perspective on running in more ways than I even imagined it to when I picked it up off of the shelf.

6. In non-running related confessions, I’m having serious wedding fever. So many of my close friends are getting married and engaged and I can’t stop envisioning the day that I get proposed to (hopefully by D). This has led to secretive staring at diamond rings on the Interwebs many a late night.

7. Aside from popcorn, I am also addicted to coconut popsicles.

8. And to adorable pictures of kittens and/or chubby babies

9. I plan on joining a running group in my new city. This isn’t so much a confession as it is a “maybe if I post it in public I’ll actually get the guts to do it”.

10. I seriously need to focus on being more frugal. i.e. not spend $25 at Whole Foods every. single. day

Three Things Thursday

I missed my Tuesday confessional (again), so I’ve temporarily re-located it to Thursday. Because I like lists where I get to state all of the weird things I’ve done during the week.

1. Last night was the first night I cooked a “real” dinner at my apartment in months. Real dinner being shells and three-cheese pasta sauce. But this is progress considering I’d gotten really hooked on frozen foods. And for the past week, I’d been so busy that I somehow convinced myself that potato chips were a good dinner.

2. I was proud of my dinner success. And then late night studying happened, which meant that pizza got ordered. And when you’re tired and someone hands you greasy pizza, nothing tastes better. I need to get my lifestyle back. in. check. But it’s hard to order an entire study group *not* to order pizza.

3. Part of me wishes I had classes this summer. I know that is a ridiculous thought, especially since I’m currently procrastinating working on my research paper presentation, but I’ve been a student for so long that I’m not quite sure how I’m going to spend my free time yet.

If you could have a summer off, how would you spend it? 

{Belated} Tuesday Confessional

Okay, okay. I know it’s Wednesday. But my brain has been going a million miles an hour and I didn’t realize that I forgot to do my Tuesday confessional until 11 pm last night and I’ve only just gotten enough downtime to write a blog post.

My life is currently both busy and awesome.

1. Janae is my role model. Go tell her how awesome she is!

2. If someone had told me a month ago that I’d be moving to a new city, attending my number school choice, and potentially living with a roommate I’d have sent them to get a CT scan. I’m still in awe of how quickly and unpredictably my life changed.

3. I’m finally starting to come to terms with moving, though. I know the boy and I will be fine, I know I’ll love my new apartment (wherever that may be), and I know everything will work out

4. I am only considering apartments with a washer and a dryer. I feel like that is weird…

5. Since I’ve gotten into #1 program (what I will refer to it as from now on), I’ve felt smarter. It’s not like getting accepted raised my IQ and obviously my super brain skills are what got me accepted in the first place…but I just feel smarter. Again, weird…

6. I haven’t run in 1 1/2 weeks. I guess that is what 20 page research papers will do to a girl.

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday confessional

1. It has now been 6 days since I have last run. Oh motivation, where have you gone? Thankfully I broke the streak today with a nice 5-miler.

2. I picked the apartment complex that I did because they lease out washers and dryers. There are plenty of other beautiful apartments (with gyms…this complex doesn’t have a gym so I’ll have to drive to school to use a treadmill) around but they had me at quarter-free laundry. It’s $35 a month but the time and hassle it saves is priceless. Never did I ever think I would get this excited over an appliance. No more quarter hording for me!

3. I am so excited to move in May, I would totally do it now if I could. I’m still a little apprehensive about the future but getting all of my ducks lined up feels amazing and I know that everything will work out wonderfully. I think the boy and I will be apart but at least I will have a beautiful apartment and a busy schedule to keep me occupied.

4. My apartment is a mess. What they say about the cleanliness state of your apartment reflecting the state of stress in your life is totally true. I really need to clean it but I’m too busy relaxing right now…

5. I’m addicted to Kashi’s Mediterranean pizza. And ate it 2 nights in a row.

Tuesday confessional

1. The reason that I often say “no” to riding bikes with the boy is traffic. To get from my apartment to where we meet up to ride is probably some of the most horrendous traffic in town. So I make him come pick me up from my apartment…

2. It looks like I’ll be staying at my current school to continue my studies and I’m starting to become more and more comfortable with it. I thought I would be extremely upset, and I was for a bit, but then I realized how well where I live now fits my personality. I will definitely be moving apartments, however.

3. I always have to watch an episode of Weeds, The Big Bang Theory, or The New Adventures of Old Christine in bed before I fall asleep. I know “they” say not to watch TV in bed but it helps me get all comfy and cozy.

4. I really enjoy “spring purgatory”. It’s the time when everything is blooming and turning green and it’s warm enough for sandals but it doesn’t feel like the surface of a frying pan yet. Really, as long as I can wear sandals and a dress I’m okay with throwing on a sweater. Plus the dogwood trees are beautiful this time of year.

5. I always have my toenails painted some variation of pink or red. Always. Year around.

Happy Tuesday!

Tuesday Confessional

1. Being home is great but it’s also really hard on my ED. I know exactly how I have to eat so that a total meltdown doesn’t occur and that is much harder at home, when food is always readily available. My family also has some bizarre eating habits, but that is an entirely different confession.

2. I finally told the boy about my history and it made me feel a lot better to know that he’s on my side. I was terrified to tell him but I’m not sure why I waited so long because it proved to be extraordinarily helpful.

3. I could go to Whole Foods every day (I know, a strange 3rd confession considering what my first one was)…even if it’s just to look around. But my next purchase will be vitamins…and a huge salad from the salad bar. Yum.

4. I have turned into a cold weather wimp. I can handle the cold a lot better than the majority of southerners but the idea of running outside in temps lower than 40 makes me cringe. Hence going around to every gym in town and using their 7-day free passes.

5. I should be working on my papers (I have 2 due at the start of April) but I have a feeling that is not going to happen. I needed a break so desperately and I think that taking the week off will leave me refreshed and ready to work super hard once I get back to school.

6. (a bonus confession!) I have become a lot more conscious of the amount of resources I use and the fact that I am so out of the habit of recycling. I’d like to have a lower impact on the environment but I’m really not sure of how to go about it since I hardly eat meat, I tend not to drive tons, and it’s hard to avoid flying because I need to do so in order to get home.

How do you feel about the “green” movement? I think a lot of it is geared towards consumers who don’t really bother to educate themselves but I guess a little effort is better than none.

Tuesday confessional

1. Morning runs are officially my favorite. I love getting an early start to the day and not having to worry about squeezing a run in later in the day when all of the busy starts to happen.

2. I packed a blueberry bagel with peanut butter for lunch today even though I know I’ll be at Panera. I hate being “that girl” who brings her own food into a cafe setting, but I’ll be buying coffee. So that makes me less of a WiFi freeloader? At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

3. Now that March is here, I can feel my patience regarding waiting for acceptance letters seriously slipping. All I want to do is go running and eat Swedish fish and know where I’m going to be living!

4. Through this whole waiting process, I’ve learned that I truly like to talk about my feelings over and over. I think it drives the boy crazy because I keep bringing up the same subjects day after day but talking about what I’m stressed over is like a brain massage.

5. I think that salads from the salad bar and restaurants always taste a million times better than salads I make at home, even if they have the exact same ingredients.

Happy Tuesday! I’m glad that the wind and rain and gloom has passed! And it’s March!