Thank goodness it’s Wednesday, ya’ll. Today will easily be my most “strenuous” day of the week and once it is over, I will officially be over the hump of this week…and only 1.5 days away from a nice weekend trip to the mountains AND the end of the semester.

Grad school kicked my butt this semester. And it wasn’t even a busy semester. In fact, it’s one of the least busy semesters I’ve ever survived…which is part of the problem  because I’ve actually had time to sit on the couch and think about the sheer misery of 2 more years of school. I’ve never used a hashtag before but I’m pretty sure #FirstWorldProblems applies.

So I’ve basically been running/biking my butt off. 1) to get rid of stress and 2) I’ve gained a lot of weight and I want my clothes to fit again because girl doesn’t have the cash for new clothes and 3) my first wedding dress fitting is in T-minus 9 days and 4 hours.

I’m not under any illusions that I will lose any great amount of weight between now and then but I at least want to make an attempt to be closer to my 2nd fitting size. I never thought I would be so vapid about my dress fittings and always said I wouldn’t be one of those brides…but dang it was hard to resist the siren call of “bride body workouts”.

My willpower clearly isn’t strong enough.

But on the plus side I have been doing a lot more (body)strength work (plank is my homeboy) and plyometrics (burpees, I love to hate you and hate to love you)…which has left me consistently sore and happy. I’m one of those weird people who loves being sore because I literally worked my butt off.

My main problem has been water retention. Whenever I run long or ride long…or do any sort of exercise, really, I notice an overall “swollen” feeling in my muscles…which somewhat disappears once I get properly hydrated. Does anyone else experience that?

Anywho…the main purpose of this ridiculous rambling post was to try and create some goals so that I don’t have a mental breakdown between now and the end of the semester.

I like to make goal lists: 

1) Have at least 4 research subjects completed by next Wednesday

2) Drink at least 64 ounces of water per day 

3) Do at least 2 min of plank per day

4) Run, Forrest, Run…to keep my sanity

5) RELAX. Whatever happens is fine. Life will go on. I will survive. Blah, blah, blah. 




Love for Boston

Lately, I’ve been struggling with blog topics. So I haven’t been posting. And of course, I’ve been fretting over wedding dress fittings and RSVP cards and my upcoming internship.

But as of yesterday, all of that just seemed so…pointless.

It’s hard to believe that the day of so many runner’s dreams was destroyed with the most senseless act of violence. It’s hard to even find the words to describe exactly how I’m feeling. Mostly bewildered and angry. And attacked because, as a runner, that hit a little too close to home.

But then I got to thinking…if this had to happen to a community (which of course it didn’t and I hope whoever is responsible for this madness is held accountable for his actions), the running community is a “good one”. We are strong, we will pull together, and yesterday will not be the last Boston marathon. We are a resilient bunch. We will help each other through the hard times and celebrate the good times.

I saw this article and it summed things up pretty well…go read it and then go for a run for Boston.

Goals, re-evaluated

I’ve had an insanely difficult time deciding what to write about. Mostly because, when I’m home, literally all I want to do is a) run, b) lay on the couch, or c) go run then lay on the couch.

Y’all, the end of the semester is coming and it’s never been more evident.

Motivation? What motivation?

So, since all I seem to want to do is run (especially with our newly found spring! 80 degress! Sunny! Beautiful!), I decided I’d talk about running.

Earlier this year, I committed myself to do a half marathon in June. I was excited, I made a training plan, I started being a more consistent runner again. And then I got accepted to do a 2.5 month clinical rotation at a super awesome hospital…that happens to be out-of-town. Like, in another state out-of-town.

So I had to change my goals.

And, as luck would have it, the same half marathon I was planning to do also has a 10-miler.

So I downgraded, in hopes that 3.1 less miles would seem less daunting and that training would be less of a weird looking cloud hanging over my head while I am trying to impress some pretty impressive people with my clinical skills.

I have mixed feelings about this in general. My gut is kind of like, “eh, whatevs” but my mind is like “what? really? you’re quitting?”

No mind, I’m not quitting. I’m just trying to ensure my sanity in what I know will end up being 2.5 months of 50+ hour weeks.

And then I think of all my doctor friends, who trained for Ironmans and marathons and ultras during their residency. And feel bad about myself.

But goals are supposed to be personal, are they not? And truth be told, I’m totally pumped about this 10-miler. There is a *candy buffet* at the end y’all. And it’s hilly, so I know it will challenge my mind and body. And let’s face it, life changes…sometimes you just need to roll with the punches…I may *finally* be learning how to do that.

{Week 1 plan}

M: 3 miles

T: 4 miles

W: 4×800 with 1 mile warm-up

Th: 2 miles

F: Rest

S: 6 miles

Su: Cross-train