Friday love list: winter break edition

{I had never seen a love list until I started reading Crazy Sexy Life. And, since I’ve been trying to embrace optimism, I decided to co-opt the idea for myself. Because what is more optimistic than a list celebrating all of the little victories that life offers on a daily basis?}

Today’s love list is inspired by winter break. As a student, winter break doesn’t represent as much freedom as summer break might but it’s a very welcome respite after end of the semester projects and finals. And, unlike summer break, winter break is far to short to be hired for a new job so much of the time is spend simply lounging around doing whatever strikes my fancy. It’s lovely and unfortunately it is almost over. So instead of resigning to the fact that this time next week I’ll be in class, I am clinging on to the last lovely moments of winter break.

It’s Friday, and I’m in love with:

Spontaneous trips to the grocery store, just because I can

Sleeping in until 9 and lounging around until noon

Having time to run whenever and however long I like

Staying up late watching Weeds and How I Met Your Mother re-runs

Bacon and homemade Belgian waffles…for dinner

One thought on “Friday love list: winter break edition

  1. AHHHH!!! I am so so happy you found my blog because I am absolutely OBSESSED with yours. Your blog is so beautiful and POSITIVE!!!! This is just what I need:) I am so happy that you have had a wonderful break and your days off sound exactly like mine!! Those waffles look amazing!! Yay for new blog friends and I can’t wait to follow you!

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